Ink Up!インク、イン!: Bungbox Tsuyuhikari-Pilot Prera (M-nib)

by Mel in ,

 ブングボックスのつゆひかり-パイロット プレラ<M>; Bungbox Tsuyuhikari-Pilot Prera <M>

 ブングボックスのつゆひかり-パイロット プレラ<M>; Bungbox Tsuyuhikari-Pilot Prera <M>

My newly purchased Tsuyuhikari from Bungbox is named after a green tea from Omaezaki in Shizuoka, one of the major tea areas of Japan and it nails it. It looks just like fresh green tea (the tea leaf kind, not matcha).

I put it in my new Pilot Prera, which I purchased with the intent of filling with many different inks. An M-nib because I do so love shading.

I will be using this combination to write a lot of correspondence in the late spring and early summer. I stocked up on postcards in Kyoto for that same purpose. So much fun!


つゆひかりはまさに淹れたての美味しい緑茶の色で惚れた。この組み合わせで春から夏に京都仕入れた沢山の 葉書で友達に書こうと思ってます。楽しみ!