Ink up!: Bungbox L'Amant in Pilot kakuno Soft Pink

by Mel in ,


The pink cartridge (finally) ran out in my Soft Pink kakuno, so I cleaned it, attached a converter, and filled it with my newly purchased L'Amant, a purple with pink original ink from Bungbox.

It was a bit scratchy at first and I took a page of scribbling and doodling to get used to it, but now I'm quite taken by it. 

The strange thing is that it isn't a color I would normally choose. Totally out of my comfort zone palette and maybe that's why I felt a slight hesitance when I bought it, unlike the unquestionable giddiness I felt when ordering the Pilot Iroshizuku Ama-iro. When I tried L'Amant at Bungbox, my reaction was "oooh", while with the Ama-iro, I smiled and even started to giggle. (We'll see how I feel when I get it in the Soft Blue kakuno.)

But as I thought about it, I realized L'Amant compliments a lot of my stationery well *because* it is outside of my regular choices. And while I would shy from buying a shade like it in a gel pen, I'm quite happy with this bottle of ink. 

ピンクのカートリッジが終わったので、新しく手に入れたブングボックスの「ラマン」をソフトピンクのカクノちゃんに入れた♪ 最初の頃はちょっとカリカリって感じだったけど、ページ1枚分書いたり描いたりして私もインクも馴染んできた。かなりお気に入り。