Events: Creators Market vol.30

by Mel in

The Creators Market is the largest gathering of artists, craftsmen, and creators in the region. There are just under two thousand booths of people selling artwork, prints, pottery, clothing, jewelry, furniture, food, bags, stationery, and countless other items. As well as food trucks from local and not so local restaurants. It takes place twice a year at the convention center near the bay.

I started going to the Creators Market last year. My friend Samancha comes into Nagoya to join me and we always have a great time.

I always take a shot of the wristband, then forget to take shots of pretty much anything else during the event.

I always take a shot of the wristband, then forget to take shots of pretty much anything else during the event.

The first time we went was a bit of a shock. The first few minutes were pure euphoria. We were surrounded by creativity and artist talent and we foolishly decided to visit all the booths, because we did not want to miss anything.

By the time we got about two-thirds of the way through the first building, finishing off the rest was more of a challenge we were unwilling to back down from. And upon entering the second building, we both learned that human beings really do stop dead in their tracks when faced with something they cannot comprehend. After all that we had seen, there was still more. A lot more. Almost a thousand booths more.

Shaking off the initial shock, we went to the food trucks to regroup. And after filling our stomachs, we decided that we had spent enough money for the day and headed back, inspired, satisfied, and most of all, dead tired.

The second time, we knew what we were in for and up against. We accepted that we might miss something, but that was okay. We also had a few favorites from the first time, so we had some clear objectives to guide us. In addition to my usual postcards and such, I also came away with a beautiful wooden pen/postcard stand. As we left on another inspiration buzz, there was still a lot of tiredness, but no fatigue this time.

Volume 30 was our third Creators Market and I was prepared.

CreaMa Bag.jpg

I started by packing a bag specifically for the Creators Market:

  • a 100 yen bag
  • an A4 hard case to hold and protect my haul (we both bought an A4 poster at vol.29 and it came with no backing or bag, leaving us extremely paranoid of creasing it for the rest of the day)
  • a small pouch to keep my money , and a notebook (courtesy of an exhibitor last year)
  • a pen to record my purchases of the day.

I had a card case as well for all of the business cards, but they ended up fitting in the money pouch.

If you haven't guessed yet, I'm the type to bring everything and the kitchen sink, but I wanted to keep things to a minimum. To this I just added my keys, commuter pass, cell phone, and iPad mini. Next year, I think I'll be bringing some tissues and wet wipes because the food trucks don't have any napkins.

I also looked into the exhibitors online before the event, noting our favorites as well as others I wanted to check out. This came in handy after a third of the first building, when we decided to just hit the ones I had marked and stop at interesting booths along the way. 

Two of four pages I wrote out. Smears thanks to condensation and me forgetting about the tea bottle in my bag. 

Two of four pages I wrote out. Smears thanks to condensation and me forgetting about the tea bottle in my bag. 

Some of the booths that were a must for me were:

  • 雅春 - A kirie artist whose style and use of color I adore. I first simply bought his postcards at Tokyu Hands, but I met him at talk a craft fair two years ago and have made it a habit to drop by his booth and chat. 
  • AOYAMA TOSHIYUKI - An artist whose paintings are simply lovely. They tell a story and depict a world that I want to live in. 
  • rala design - A stationery company I just found out about and was really happy to see they had a booth at CreaMa. Just awesome.
  • Aquagreen - A glasswork studio whose work not only looked awesome on a skill level, but also quite creative in their design. 
  • Kirieya - Another kirie artist whose work invoke a bit of nostalgia in me. He often draws the travles of duo made up of a black cat named Yume and a Saint Benard named Balloon.
  • CUBIC SOUL - An artist who mainly draws characters in kick-ass clothing. She is also one of the rare artists who hits the right chords with me and Samancha. I also adore her branding. 
  • 海鳩堂 - Refered to by Samancha and I as "Blue Alice" because of an A4 poster we both bought last year. Gorgeous use of color and strongly influenced by Ghibli.
  • SUNDAY*E - A stationer who makes simplistic and tasteful paper labels and mini sheets. Quality paper and great branding.

We left this CreaMa refreshed, energized, inspired, and with only slightly sore feet. Experience really does make a difference. And I can't wait for Creators Market vol.31, which is already set for November 15-16.

I'll post a simplified rundown of my haul soon.