Haul Post: Sketchy stuff

by Mel in ,

July 18, 2014 - Olympia Plus

  • maruman Art Spiral sketchbook - I haven't filled up my first one yet, but I'm headed home for two weeks, including visiting my Alma Mater, so there's a good chance I'll need more space.
  • maruman watercolor postcards (50 ct.) - with the positive reactions I've been getting from my sketches, I've decided to upgrade to sending sketch postcards as well during my time in California.
  • HS Clear A5 notebook cover - I debated buying this for my Creators Market notebook, but ended up getting it, mainly because it has a huge pocket on the outside.
  • PLUS page turners - i was in a just-in-case mood and bought another pack.
  • 3M Petit Design Sticky notes - These are for a friend, but I included it in the shot anyways.