Ink up!: BungBox 皇紫 Imperial Purple - Pilot Kakuno M-nib

by Mel in ,

I dropped by BungBox to check out their newest ink. It was so popular that it had sold out (that day, in fact). Bu Kaoru-tencho was kind enough to let me fill my newly-cleaned kakuno from the test bottle after I played around with it using a glass pen on some testing paper.

When I tried it out with the glass pen in the store and I really liked it, but it wasn't until I started to draw in my Rhodia ICE, that I fell in love with it.


It's just so pretty. A very solid purple. It's the purple that you think of and want, but so rarely get. I've got to get my hands on a bottle when it's back in stock.

Though I must say, I will personally be calling this color "Sumeragi" rather than its official name: "Sumeramurasaki". I just like how it sounds. Sumeragi.