Haul Pic: Stuff for my mother

by Mel in ,

August 26, 2014 - Tokyu Hands


As the weather gets cooler, the summer stationery gives way to warmer autumn colors and I've given in to temptation and bought a few things already.

I was showing my mother some of my recent hauls on one of our regular Skype sessions and she mentioned wanting some autumn postcards. Which would be when my face lit up and I offered to pick up a few things to top off the package I had been putting together for her.

Sometimes, actually quite often, I find things that I think my friends might like and I pick it up for them and may or may not send it off in a timely manner. Just a few things here and there because too much can make the receiver feel bad and that is totally the opposite of the point. But when it comes to my mother...'too much' isn't an issue and I know her taste in stationery pretty well because it's a lot like mine, so there isn't much hesitation about whether or not she will like an item. 

I dropped by Tokyu Hands I got a bunch from Kyukyodo, as planned, and checked some of the other cards that I personally didn't have a reason to get (because 8 had already bought lots) and picked out a good number of postcards and one more ippitsusen. I also picked up a few more Kyupodo postcards. I ended up leaving with over 3000yen worth of stationery. Heehee.

My mom sent me an email after seeing the Instagram pic of the haul, and it turns out we both liked the same postcard the most. Like mother, like daughter. :)