Haul Pic: New MUJI notebook

by Mel in

September 21, 2014 - MUJI (Hamamatsu)

I have a habit that I think many stationery addicts can relate to: I'm always looking for reasons to buy a new notebook.

I have two trips coming up this year, one to Tokyo Disneyland for Halloween and one to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for Christmas. The perfect reason for a new notebook! I had been looking at various candidates, but when I went to MUJI to show a friend their bookmarks, and I spotted their 74yen notebooks (about the size of a Field Note)

One cool service MUJI has is that you can use their stamps to personalize items you've bought. Looking at the stamps, I had moment of genius.

I purchased one of the grid notebooks and went straight to the stamps. On the front I stamped "USJ DEC 2014" then flipped it vertically 180 degrees to stamp "TDS TDL OCT 2014" on the back.

I'll write more details in a future post.