Q: Why "Obsessive Stationery Disorder"?

A: Because I have a stationery obsession that has gone a bit out of control.

I originally was using the popular phrase "Stationery Addict", until one day when I decided to up a pic of the contents of my pen case to Instagram and it took me over an hour to get it right.

The process and resulting photo itself was quite OCD and I realized I was not an "addict", but "obsessed". So the two concepts merged and became Obsessive Stationery Disorder.

Q: What is your favorite pen?

A: Everyday pen: Zebra Sarasa Clip Black 0.5.

My favorite fountain pen is my Sailor Hakone Yosegi Zaiku with a fine nib. It's so beautiful and so me.

Q: What is your favorite notebook?

A: A toss-up between the Delfonics Rollbahn B6 and the Maruman Mnemosyne 183 Inspiration Unruled.

Q: Is the Japanese content the same as the English content?

A:  On pages, usually. On blog posts, probably not.

The main reason is the cultural background differences between English readers and Japanese readers require different explanations.

The other reason is, for better or for worse, my brain works slightly differently in each language, so it's amusingly difficult to write the same content in both languages. In the interest of making it easy for me to update regularly, I am going to write as I please.

Q: Why are most blog post in only English while some are in English and Japanese?

A: Titles with both languages would be long

And while Japanese readers have a chance of understanding English titles, English readers have very little chance of understanding Japanese titles.

Though I won't rule out Japanese only posts in the future.

Q: Which is your stronger language, Japanese or English?

A: I am more fluent in English

According to my mother, my first words were Japanese. Everyday conversation, reading, typing on a computer aren't a problem, but I'm working on writing Japanese by hand.

Q: Where are you from?

A: I currently live in Nagoya, Japan and I grew up in sunny Southern California. 

Q: You live in Japan?! Could you buy stuff for me?

A: No. I'm the last person you should ask.

In addition to my stationery obsession, I have a strange condition where mailing out packages is the most difficult thing in the world for me to do. Seriously. I have something that was meant to be sent out four years ago and it's still sitting in my room.

Any other questions?

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