Stationery is how I attempt to understand and control my world.

Stationery is control. Stationery is expression. Stationery is wonder. Stationery is realization. Stationery is reflection. Stationery is magic. Stationery is creation. Stationery is sanity. Stationery is madness. Stationery is new. Stationery is old. Stationery is efficiency. Stationery is distraction. Stationery is procrastination. Stationery is brilliance. Stationery is innovation. Stationery is old-fashioned. Stationery is everything. Stationery is organization. Stationery is hate. Stationery is simplicity. Stationery is complexity. Stationery is trust. Stationery is suspicion. Stationery is envy. Stationery is joy. Stationery is touch. Stationery is sight. Stationery is smell. STATIONERY IS SOUND. Stationery is beauty. Stationery is emotion. Stationery is movement. Stationery is inspiration. Stationery is culture. Stationery is tradition. Stationery is connection. Stationery is art. Stationery is frustration. Stationery is release. Stationery is work. Stationery is play. STATIONERY IS RESTRICTION. Stationery is freedom.  

Stationery is love.