OSD Problems

Problem No.1 - Buy ALL the colors!

Buy all the colors 2.jpg

Problem No.2 - Cardinal rule: No shopping baskets at the stationery store.


Problem No.3 - One does not simply buy "just one pen"

Boromir one pen

Problem No.4 - Constantly being asked "Do you really need all of those?"

Problem No.5 - Refraining from answering above question in great detail (They don't care.)

Problem No.6 - Refraining from showing off new pens and ink. (Again, no one cares.)

Problem No.7 - Getting weird looks when someone asks about your weekend plans and you enthusiastically respond, "Pen shopping!"

Problem No.8 - Being unwilling to go to the stationery store without having at least an hour to spend.

Problem No.9 - Tricking out notebooks and pen cases to meet very specific needs.

Problem No.10 - Missing the main point because you were distracted by the pens.